From Here to Published

Ready, Set, Go!

I have always been fascinated by water flowing downstream, meandering around rocks, and over obstacles, converging into mini rapids then slowing to  trickle amid the dry spots, before pushing on towards the next discovery.

My writing journey has followed a similar pattern, often sidetracked by interesting characters, or waylaid by seemingly immoveable obstacles, yet the words continue to find their way.

I am nearing completion of my debut novel, Mind Over Matter, thanks to the gentle nudging (some might call it more of a shove) by my astute writing coach, Cherry-Ann Carew

I am both excited and anxious about the next steps: Finishing the book, editing, editing again, and perhaps again, researching publishing options and agents, and creating query letters and a synopses. (I’m dreading this, and keep putting it off, but eventually Cherry-Ann will put her foot on my backside and give me another gentle nudge.)

I’d love to share the various steps of my journey with you, some techniques that helped me work through difficult areas, and some general writing tips and resources that I found helpful along the way.

Check in to see what’s happening this week in my writing life, and to share your own experiences, and let us in on what you’re doing that’s working (or not) for you.

Hopefully we can start a conversation that will inspire and propel writers towards the goal of becoming published.

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4 Responses to From Here to Published

  1. You are an inspiration to aspiring writers. Keep writing, that’s is the most important thing… to get a complete draft. Don’t worry about editing etc. at this point, as without a finished manuscript, there’s nothing to edit;)

    Small increments will lead to a bigger outcome. You are doing an excellent job to date.

  2. stamperitis says:

    You’ve been doing so well lately. 🙂

  3. Deb Rankine says:

    Sandra, congrats on the launch of your new website/blog! It looks great; especially love the pens border at the top of your homepage!

    You have a wonderful writer’s voice. Keep up the great work.



  4. Sandra Clarke says:

    Thanks everyone, for the wonderful words of encouragement!

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