Kenya Carlton, Undressed!

Meet author Kenya Carlton, today’s guest. Before I hand the reigns over to Kenya I’d like to tell you a bit about Hopeless and Helpless, Kenya’s contribution to a new erotic anthology, Undressed Inc. Here’s a brief synopsis of the book as a whole. 

Undressed Inc., the women you meet are an eclectic bunch. The connection? The melding of sexual desire and any means necessary to satisfy it. Sit back and enjoy the ride! Four sexy stories bring readers front and center as four dynamic women enjoy every drop of pleasure they can get.

Kenya, it’s a pleasure to have you hear today. I’m giong to hand it off to you. Enjoy your visit!

Over the last couple of weeks, quite a few articles concerning Disney’s influence on young girl’s impressionable minds have popped up. The sum total of these articles equate to being unrealistic and setting unobtainable expectations on future relationships.

As an adult I’ll admit Prince Charming is not waiting with a white horse around the corner, and happily ever after is most likely the place you go when you die, but is the Disney fairytale really that damaging to the female psyche? I vote no. It would be different if these leading ladies didn’t go through some peril to get their prince or jump over some hoop of adversity for that happily ever after (I almost wrote happy ending and come on, isn’t that really what it’s all about: winky icon;.) These visually stimulating treats are tools that are used to teach lessons.  


Cinderella: No matter how horrible your money grubbing stepmother and your ugly step-sisters are, as long as you keep your head up while fraternizing with vermin, you’ll win your man every time.  

Snow White: Candy from strangers is a no-no, but apples from strange old ladies, yes-yes.  

The Little Mermaid: Giving up everything about yourself for a man and let’s not forget crabs, they’re your best friend.  

All right, all right, these are all very bad examples. Lemme try again. 

Mulan: Not a princess but a leading lady and she dresses up in drag to teach men that women are just as qualified to wage wars and fight battles as men. 

Pocahontas: She saved lost travelers’ lives while keeping peace within her tribe and the new world. 

Belle: Infinite patience and kindness will turn into its own reward and tame the beast.  

When you’re a kid, the sight of princesses brings on the warm fuzzies. As an adult, I will still shove a bugger snatcher out of my way to take a picture with one but what I believe the critic’s problem with these gender labeling archetypes is The End. 

What happens now that you, Belle tamed the beast, real world translation, anger management? What happens now that you’ve come back from war—are you going to deal with the PTSD in a healthy way, huh, are you, Mulan?  

Well it’s a good thing you’re reading this, kiddies, because I have the answer. Wait for it, wait for it… As cute little fraggle rocks, we idolize the princess and put ourselves in her shoes. But when we get older, we realize the princesses wasn’t shit, and I want to be that hot bitch running the kingdom with only one stipulation in place: competent henchmen. 

Side note: I did not forget Tiana. I feel she was a good starter kit to an African-American princess even though she spent most of her time being a frog. I am almost positive Disney will make this up to me, right?

Not at all happy about her long-awaited homecoming, video vixen Brooke Langely finds herself the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding and face to face for the first time in years with her old high school rivals. But Brooke has her silver lining in the form of Sam Foley, the shy jock in high school that was Brooke’s favorite extracurricular activity after school.


Brooke Langley took a deep sigh to quiet her anxious nerves and tapped her French-manicured nail against the lock. She seriously contemplated a good ole fashion tuck and roll out of the limo.

“One more time around?” Unable to keep his eyes off her massive breast, the Russian driver peered at her through the rearview mirror.

“No,” she murmured, “that was the last dry run. You can drop me off this time.”

Picture perfect, exactly how she remembered it. God, I hate this place, she thought. The driver pulled onto the winding circular drive way to the beautiful brick mansion named The Manor. No sooner had the car stopped in front of one of the country’s premier banquet halls than the large oak doors were thrown open and a gaggle of ladies rushed out.

“You getting married, no?” the driver asked.

“Not me,” Brooke told him as she swallowed the bile that made its way up her throat.

“Good. It would be a shame for one man to have all that chocolate to himself.”

“Aren’t you the charmer.” She snorted, mildly pleased that his dirty old man flirt could put things in the proper perspective for her.

No longer was she that skinny poor kid with the rich best friend, Brooke reminded herself. No sir, she was the best video model money could buy and she now owned the top agency for video vixens in New York. Brooke Langley was officially a self made rich bitch.

“I told you she would come!” She heard Ruby Turlington, her best friend triumphantly cheer as the POPS followed close behind her. The POPS is what everyone called the popular crowd in high school and Brooke couldn’t have been less thrilled to see them.  With a withering look toward the automatic lock, Brooke left behind any fleeting thoughts of freedom when Ruby snatched open the door.

“I almost sent in the troops for you,” Ruby hissed while clutching her close. Barely out of her seat, Brooke gave a limp hug in return as she caught sight of her past over her best friend’s shoulder. The cliquish group stared at her in all their snooty sneering glory. Glad to see nothing had changed, Brooke shined on her best bitchy smile back.

“Amanda, didn’t think you would make it,” Tanya the blonde cooed. She had a little more pudge in the face than before but otherwise Tanya looked the same unimpressively average.

“What did you think?” Brooke asked, faintly remembering Tanya was the ring leader to the more vicious pranks, which were mostly played on her.

“I didn’t.” She winked. “I don’t care.”

Before she could tell Tanya where to shove everything but the kitchen sink up her probably still bulimic ass, Ruby jerked her cheery face in Brooke’s line of vision.

“We need to get you briefed and fitted, okay?” she chirped nervously.

“What’s wrong?” Brooke asked, just realizing her friend’s perfect ivory skin seemed a smidge blotchy and her eyes were a tad red.

“Nothing honey,” Ruby lamely reassured, as the word liar ran in Brooke’s brain like the CNN ticker at the bottom of the television screen.

“Really Brooke, I didn’t think shaking you tits and ass in front of a camera could afford you some actual decent clothes,” Amanda smartly quipped about Brooke’s Lucky jeans and Ralph Lauren ensemble that perfectly complimented the Hershey bar tone of her skin.

“If you had some tits and ass maybe you would,” Brooke volleyed back at the red head. Amanda’s straight-edged hair cut sort of flattered her sharp face but couldn’t hide the look of stupid that swam in her empty eyes.

“It’s so vulgar,” Amanda muttered with less bravado than she had before.

“Tonight is free after rehearsal and tomorrow is dinner,” Ruby quickly rattled off as she interrupted the cat fight that had been brewing for more than 17 years.

“I don’t think the dress is going to fit her,” Paula pointed out without judgment or emotion. She was the only other black girl in the POPS and Paula was only half black which means she was never really any help to Brooke at all.

For the most part, Paula stayed neutral, and if there was ever a time to pick a side, Brooke could always put money on Paula not picking hers. It was usually Ruby and Brooke against the majority and due to her poor people stamp of approval, she generally had no vote to speak of.

“Her dress isn’t like the rest of yours,” her best friend announced proudly. “Brookey’s the maid of honor.” Ruby threw at them her gotta love it smile before she grabbed Brooke’s arm. Ripped from the present and straight back into her past, she was practically drug through the thick double doors and into the house.

Author Bio

Kenya has a B.A. in Mass communication, Television and Radio. She has fifteen years in production of television and film and five in television engineering. In 2009 Kenya Produced Dawn a short film and Executive Produced Destination Everywhere the pilot for a travel series through her production company Black R.O.K Productions established in 2008.

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