Meet Rob Tobin, Hollywood Motion Picture Exec & Award Winning Screenwriter!

I’m excited, beyond measure, to introduce you to today’s guest, Rob Tobin, motion picture executive, award-winning screenwriter and author. What an impressive list of credentials this man has, including his latest film, shortlisted for a 2012 Best Picture Oscar. 

Rob’s here to talk about his novel, Jo Bri and the Two Worlds. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit with us today, Rob.

Thank you to Paranormal Romantic Suspense for letting me do a guest blog in support of a blog tour for my new urban fantasy novel, “Jo-Bri and the Two Worlds.” I’ll try to maintain this site’s high level of writing. 

“Jo-Bri and the Two Worlds” has a strong paranormal romance aspect to it, especially the romance between the teen wizard Jo-Bri from the sword and sorcery world, and the shallow but big-hearted Montana “girly girl” Melinda, who learns not just about magic from the hunter-wizard Jo-Bri, but about love, sex, life and courage under (magical) fire. 

There are actually two romances in “Jo-Bri,” the first one being Jo-Bri’s first love, Kawille. In Jo-Bri’s world, the males are eight feet tall, the females seven feet tall. Kawille is 6’8 and considered quite “petite.” Jo-Bri is 6’4 and considered a midget. 

Somehow Jo-Bri and Kawille find each other, fall madly in love, and Kawille begins the process of helping Jo-Bri grow from a boy to a man. Then the “Dark Wizard” Hodon and his army of sorcerers and soldiers attack Jo-Bri’s village and everyone except Jo-Bri is killed. Hodon kills Kawille personally and it is only a spell from Jo-Bri’s dead parents that keeps Jo-Bri from a suicidal attack on the powerful Hodon. 

Jo-Bri flees through the deserts of his world, Hodon in pursuit, Jo-Bri gaining strength and experience, plotting his revenge. Then a mysterious witch sends Jo-Bri into modern-day Montana, where he meets his new love, a shallow but good hearted teen girl, Melinda. 

The romance between Jo-Bri and Melinda is physical and emotional but also magical, for she becomes not just his lover but his student. Jo-Bri knows that Hodon will eventually find a way to follow Jo-Bri and that he will be seeking to destroy the human race; humanity’s evil has been seeping into Hodon and Jo-Bri’s world and threatening to destroy it. Hodon believes that only by destroying Humanity can he save his own world. 

So Jo-Bri decides to train Melinda, her friends and family in magic to help him battle Hodon when the Dark Wizard breaks through to Earth. Jo-Bri learns about Humans and in turn teaches them enough for them to realize that humanity has indeed fallen prey to evil and that that evil threatens not just Jo-Bri’s world, but Earth itself.

Against this backdrop, Jo-Bri and Melinda’s love grows exponentially, aided by the bond that magic gives them — telepathic, empathic, a joining of spirit, mind and heart that only a shared magic can create. That love grows to encompass others as well, in a polyamorous relationship based as much on spirituality as physicality, bonding the group in a way necessary for any chance of success against the impending attack by the Dark Wizard. 

In the end, Jo-Bri and Melinda’s love bonds them and their group of neophyte magicians, and allows them to face Hodon and his wizards with at least a chance of success. More importantly, it creates a passion in Melinda and the others, a love for others that drives them to find a way to save their own planet, with or without Jo-Bri. 

Author Bio:

Rob Tobin is an award-winning, produced screenwriter with his latest film shortlisted for a 2012 Best Picture Oscar, a published novelist, and former motion picture development executive. Rob was brought up and worked the gold mines in Timmins, Ontario, Canada, Shania Twain’s hometown. He now lives in beautiful Huntington Beach, California with his lovely wife Leslie and goofy brown dog.

 Feel free to visit Rob at his website:

Add Jo Bri and the Two Worlds to your Kindle today.

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8 Responses to Meet Rob Tobin, Hollywood Motion Picture Exec & Award Winning Screenwriter!

  1. Thanks, Mr. Tobin and S.J. for sharing this interview, which I most enjoyed.

    I’m curious which Mr. Tobin finds writing more challening to write–the novel or screenplay.
    If 6’4″ is a midget, then I must be a bug at only 5’4″! lol.

    I wish that we knew which film was short-listed, even if it wasn’t nominated, as I’m curious if I have seen it. Or, if not, I want to check it out now that I’ve “met” the man.

    Angela Robbins
    twitter: @Angela_Robbins_

  2. Karen Cote says:

    What a great excerpt! Sandra, you have such interesting guests, I never know who you’re going to have next. Evidently, the who’s-who of fascination. I’m also curious about novels vs. screenplays. I know there are books which teach screenplay techniques to improve novel-writing skills.

    Anyway…thanks for this. Always fun to run across such different experiences on your blog.

  3. What a great interview and a great concept for a novel. I love the lost love/new love aspect, magical/normal world and even the short/tall of it all. 🙂 As a lover, and writer, of this genre, this absolutely sounds like one of the TBR pile.

    Thank you for sharing,
    Author, Concilium, July 2012
    Concilium: The Departure, November 2012
    PODs, June 2013

  4. S. Durham says:

    The story sounds fascinating, and of course I love it when fantasy and magic collide within our modern world. Wishing you tons of success Rob with the release! Thank you Sandra for sharing too.

    Cheers, Sara

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