Guest Post: Love from Wales – by Sophie Pembroke

I moved to Wales when I was eight, but long before then it was a place of excitement and wonder to me. It was where my grandparents lived, where I could play with my cousins, where we’d go on holiday to the seaside, or explore the hills or the castles. It was escape.

It’s still a magical place to me, even all these years later.

When I came to write Room for Love and An A to Z of Love, the two books in my Love from Wales series, I knew I wanted to set them in my favourite area of Wales, the North Wales Llŷn Peninsula. I wanted them to be postcards from that place I loved, a snapshot and a story to make you feel at home.

The Llŷn stretches into the Irish sea from North West Wales, all the way to Anglesey. It’s surrounded by beaches and cliffs, full of castles and hills and wonder. It has an incredible history, is a bastion of the Welsh language – whose number of speakers is growing right now, after decades of decline. And it’s the place I always said I wanted to have a cottage overlooking the beach, where I could live with my cats and write my books.

I never got the cottage – I have a terrace in Hertfordshire instead, about as far as you can get from the sea. But I have my husband and daughter instead of the cats, and they both insist that’s a good deal…

And I get to visit the Llŷn in my imagination, even when I can’t get back there in person. Room for Love lets me stay at the Avalon Inn, up in the hills, nestled between villages and woods. And in An A to Z of Love, I get to spend a summer on the beach, with the scent of fish and chips in the air, exploring the caves and paddling in the freezing cold sea.

Reading – and writing – books enables us to escape through space and time, back to Medieval France, or forward to a post-apocalyptic America. But what I’ve learned, writing these books, is that I haven’t changed much since childhood. There’s still nowhere I’d rather be than home in Wales.

I’ll send you a postcard, love from Wales, next time I’m there.

Room For Love 
By Sophie Pembroke
Can she make room for love? 

When wedding planner Carrie Archer inherits the crumbling Avalon Inn where she spent her childhood summers, she knows she’ll do whatever it takes to make it home. With no money for renovations, that means teaming up with her boss to turn the Avalon into a dream wedding venue. 

But Carrie has been left more than the Inn–she’s also inherited its occupants, including three senior citizens, a single father chef with childcare issues, a panicky receptionist, and one very gorgeous gardener. 

So when her cousin Ruth declares her intention to get married at the Avalon on Christmas Eve, Carrie finds herself juggling decorating with dance nights, budgeting with bridge games…and sabotage with seduction. 

WARNING: Some sexual content. And sexual frustration…

Romance Writer Reviews
Sweet, sexy, and then sweet again. “Room for Love” is a beautiful romance story with an interesting storyline. I fell in love with all the characters; they were charming, funny, and very sweet….well not the conniving ones. Even though all the characters weren’t family it seemed like they were, they worked as a family in the end. I enjoyed this story very much, it was very well written, the author obviously knows how to write a book to hook the readers the entire time. BEAUTIFUL!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Reviewer: Wanda

To her surprise, Nate headed not for the front door, but for the terrace, and held open the folding glass doors for her and Puss. “Don’t forget to lock these behind you,” he said, and Carrie nodded.

On impulse, she paused on the terrace before the door and turned to him, Puss asleep in her arms between them. “Thank you for your help today,” she said, realizing suddenly that, Puss aside, Nate was really very close.

Close enough that she could watch his smile widen as he looked down at her, his dark gray eyes warm. So close that, when he bent his head to hers and kissed her, very softly, right on the lips, she couldn’t really have moved away if she’d wanted to.

“Welcome home, Carrie,” was all he said, before disappearing into the darkness of the night and leaving Carrie alone on the terrace with Puss.

“Apparently this is my number one spot for kissing,” she murmured to the cat, remembering her first kiss there, half a lifetime ago.

With a deep breath she went inside, locked the doors behind her, and took Pusscat up to Nancy’s attic room to sleep. Time to start dealing with things.


Lyrical Press

More to follow on release day.

About the Author

Sophie Pembroke has been writing romance for years, ever since she stayed up all night reading Mills and Boon novels as part of her English degree at Lancaster University. She loves to set her contemporary romance stories in the places she has lived – from the wilds of the Welsh mountains, to the gentile humour of the English country village, or the heat and tension of a London summer. She also has a tendency to make her characters kiss in castles.

Currently, she makes her home in Hertfordshire, with her husband and daughter. She writes love stories in her little spare room office, while drinking too much tea and eating homemade cakes. Or, when things are looking very bad for her heroes and heroines, white wine and dark chocolate.

Sophie keeps a blog at, which should be about romance and writing, but is usually about cake and castles instead.

Connect with Sophie:

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An A to Z of Love    Love from Wales Series 


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  1. sjclarke says:

    Sophie, thank you so much for guesting on my blog today! I’ve always wanted to see Wales, and after your post, the yearning has renewed.

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