Cheryl Douglas is Relentless About Nashville Nights!

To day I have the pleasure of interviewing Cheryl Douglas, author (and fellow Havanese owner!) of the Nashville Nights Series. Thanks for coming today, Cheryl, and welcome!

Let’s start with learning a little bit more about you. Which genre are you drawn to as a reader? Do you prefer to read in the same genre as your WIP or do you mix it up? 
I love to read romance, and have for the past twenty years. I’ve thought about writing in other genres, and have even tried my hand at it, but romance feels like home to me.

Do think the romance books will ever go “out of style”?
No! I think we all need to take a few moments to relax and recharge our batteries. Our lives are so busy and when we turn on the TV, we often have to face more negativity. Romance novels promise us that HEA, which I think will always serve as a nice break from reality.

Can you share anything about how your books come to be? How did you choose your setting? 
I’m a huge country music fan, so Nashville seemed like a perfect fit for me.

Have you ever battled with any of your characters over their personality traits? If so, who won – you or the character? 
My characters always win! I try not to dictate who I think they should be. I think it’s up to them to tell me who they are.

Are you a full-time writer or part-time, and how do you organize your writing time? 
I write full-time, seven days a week. I have to balance writing time with my family time, so I’m not able to write eight hours a day, but I would say I write more than forty hours per week.

What is the most challenging thing for you about writing a series? 
Keeping everything straight in my head. Who had children when, were they boys or girls, what were their names, when did so and do meet… I don’t like to stop when I’m in the middle of writing a scene, so I have to remember to go back and check my facts. Sometimes, I forget, but I have three great editors who keep me on track.

How would you describe the heat level of your books on chilli pepper scale (1-5, 1 being sweet and 5 being on the verge of a whole different box of chocolates?
Some would probably be a 3, others would be a 4. It really depends on the characters I create. If they’re older and a little more mature, their stories will reflect that. The younger, sexier characters with a bit of an edge would more likely be a 4.

Can you tell us a little about your newest release that isn’t in the blurb?
Relentless has a surprise twist at the end that provides the foundation for my August release, Heartless. That book was very emotional, and difficult to write because of the sensitive subject matter. I didn’t want to give too much away, so I didn’t include that twist in either of the two blurbs.

What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on the final book in the Nashville Nights series, and I recently announced that I’ll be writing an eight book spin off series, Nashville Nights, Next Generation. It’s about the children of the characters my readers fell in love with in the Nashville Nights series.

Thanks so much for being here today, Cheryl, from a fellow book writer and reader I loved hearing about your books. 

Book Five Nashville Nights
By Cheryl Douglas
Nikki Spencer is all grown up, but the world still sees her as the little girl she used to be. She’s ready to prove to her adoring public, and a certain rough riding rodeo champion, that sweet little Nikki isn’t as innocent as everyone seems to think.

J.T. McCall has a reputation as a rough rider, both on the bull-riding circuit, and in the bedroom. So what’s he to do when an innocent, like country crooner, Nikki Spencer, sets her sights on him? He plans to do what any good old country boy would do, save the lady from herself. But who will save J.T. when this little firecracker sets his world on fire?


Buy Link:  Amazon


About the Author

It took me thirty-seven years to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. I thought I’d found my calling. In fact, I worked as a nutritionist for twelve years before I finally admitted to myself that while I enjoyed my work, I couldn’t imagine doing it for the next thirty years.

My sub-conscious knew that I wanted to be a writer long before the conscious part of my mind decided to get with the program. While my sub-conscious was hard at work creating character profiles, plots and storylines, my conscious mind was telling me it was crazy to give up a successful business on the off-chance one of my manuscripts might rise to the top of someone’s never-ending slush pile. After years of listening to that negative voice, I was finally ready to stop making excuses, face the fear and follow my dream of becoming a full-time writer, no matter the outcome. I’m so thankful I did.

I love bringing my characters to life and I am so grateful to have readers who love those characters as much as I do.

When I take a break from writing it’s to spend time with my husband (a.k.a. my real life hero), my son, and my writing partner, Tia, a spirited Havanese who enjoys tapping her paw on my keyboard whenever I need a little comic relief.

Visit Cheryl on her Website.


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2 Responses to Cheryl Douglas is Relentless About Nashville Nights!

  1. Thanks so much for having me today! I love meeting other Havanese owners. I fell in love with this breed a couple of years ago, and I’m in love!

  2. sjclarke says:

    It was my pleasure, Cheryl. Havanese dogs do have a way of curling up against your heart and settling in, don’t they? So much character. And great company for all those solitary writing sessions!

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