Just When you Thought it Was Safe…Sharc!

Today we are talking with Morgan Read and Cole Michaels, two of the stars of the novel SHARC.  There’s a special surprise at the end! Read on.

Hello to you both…So what is your role or objective in the story?
Cole – Apart from looking good while being the hero, I also have to save Morgan’s ass when he’s in trouble. And that is a lot of work. 

Morgan – And there is me thinking you are the cocky American sidekick who yanks my chain at every opportunity (laughs)? Cole and I are the main characters. Friends from a young age and reunited on a Pacific expedition, we come face to face with a forty five foot Megalodon.

Cole – And I get to test out some really cool tech too!

Will you have to change anything about yourself in order to attain your objective?
Cole – (laughs) Have you seen me? When you look and feel this good, why change anything?

Morgan – I think what Cole is trying to say, is that, we are tested to the limit in order to capture an escaped shark.

Cole – Yeah, what he said. Plus I have to save his ass, did I already say that?

Is this a one-time story or will others be following – like a series
Morgan – Unfortunately I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement that says I am not allowed to discuss sequels.

Cole – (coughs)I haven’t! Basically, I don’t intend to go anywhere, so you’ll see us in the sequel. As for everyone else? (Looks at Morgan, who is shaking his head). What? Jeez, anyone would think capturing a shark is difficult. I mean how hard can it be? (Stands up to leave and heads outside). Wait, if I haven’t signed an agreement, does that mean I die? 

Now it’s time to hear from the creator of these crazy characters! These guys are a riot. What was your favorite scene to write?
I really liked writing about the Daedalus’s arrival. The yacht enters The ARC and heads inside. I got to describe the interior and the same could be said for the chase scene leading up to the finale. It felt great knowing that, despite researching floating cities, that I still created the environment. It gave me such a good feeling to know that I wrote it.

How did you choose your setting?
I had an idea of a Bull shark being trapped in land, feasting on horses caught in the muddy banks and growing to a massive size or pack hunters terrorizing up-river and yet I wanted more. There are already a few giant shark books and I wanted to do something that took mine away from them. I wanted to write about a Megalodon, only where could a fifty foot shark terrorize? A city that floats on the sea seemed a good idea. It hasn’t been done before, not as far as I am aware. Plus I thought if I watched a shark movie what environment would look cool. An island sized city and a shark stalking its waterways! Awesome, plus the added fact it left massive scope for any sequel. 

Fave song? Short Change Hero by The Heavy

Fave TV show? Friday Night Lights

What can readers expect with next from you?
More of the same I hope as I’m writing a sequel, SHARC BITE. Hopefully it will be out in the new year. Taylor Street, my publishers, also has first call on two other stories I’ve completed, Wild Wild Dead and London Warriors. I’ve put a lot into them over the last three years and hopefully these will be out soon. And an anthology of horror stories Reggie Jones (another Taylor Street author) and I are putting together.

By Paul Rudd
It’s massive, it’s intelligent, it’s relentless and it’s always looking for its next meal or its next challenge.

Maxwell Baxter is intent on fulfilling his greatest ambition yet, and he is an ambitious man. He wants to build the largest floating aquarium in the world, an aquarium city, and fill it with all manner of monsters from the depths, the first being a presumed extinct Megalodon he has captured, a prehistoric monster shark currently only thirty-five feet long but destined to grow up to one hundred feet of raw, razor-toothed ravenous greed with extraordinary abilities to detect anything edible or threatening in the water for miles around.

In the midst of international financial negotiations to raise the rest of the money to complete his ARC, and with the Governor of California being entertained on his private yacht on his way to review the facility, the Megalodon escapes and begins to terrorize everything in the Pacific, ships and other sea creatures alike, no matter what their size.

Maxwell Baxter’s future rests on a knife-edge, and the Megalodon has a gigantic mouthful of them, each five feet long and giving it the capability to bite a small whale in half with one snap of its jaws.

With a Megalodon about, if you are thinking of getting back into the water, don’t flatter yourself – you’ll barely be a snack.

Watch the Book Trailer 

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Amazon UK       Amazon US

About the Author:
Ask a multi-award winning thespian if they would prefer a star on Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame or have the chance to write about a prehistoric shark and they’d take the easy option every time. Me? Sharks are a passion, they always have been. Not to say I have actually met any face to face or relied on a shark cage to keep me out of harm’s way; cos that’s just dumb!

So say hello to the real Paul Rudd. I’m a geek, pure and simple and a far throw from celebrity. I write lots. I’ve watched movies since birth, which probably makes a lot of sense to those who know me well.

My brain is a minefield of ideas just waiting to detonate and making them available has always been a dream. Now, with thanks to Taylor Street, I have managed to take my first step into the unknown.

So now starts the latest saga of my life and a little like the original Lord of the Rings cartoon, the outcome remains up in the air. If only the late Ralph Bakshi was here to conclude it… alas for now I will carry on chasing my own Moby Dick; the great white tooth of a Megalodon, so if anyone has a spare?

This is Paul Rudd of the Nostromo signing off…….

Connect with Paul

Facebook     Twitter: @sharcwriter     Blog

But wait, there’s more!

Paul has a couple of signed paperbacks to give away. All he asks is that you share his page on Facebook and like the page. 

Just share the Facebook link and let Paul know you’ve done so by posting a comment here on Paul’s page.

Paul will pick two winners at random.

Good luck! 



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4 Responses to Just When you Thought it Was Safe…Sharc!

  1. Paul Rudd says:

    Thanks for the chance to plug my book, SJ. Much appreciated and I loved writing the interview. Good fun.

  2. Dude, why didn’t you tell me this idea when my Blog tour was on?
    I hate you now, lmao. The interview ruuules!
    Nice one buddy.

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