Things Our Characters Leave Behind

The Things Our Characters Leave Behind

Guest post by Melissa L. Webb

I’ve never been a girly-girl. It’s just not in my nature to be. My usual style is jeans, t-shirts, boots, and something leather. I love leather jackets. I wear make-up only when I have to.
I drive a Mustang, and I write horror. It’s what I live and breathe.

That is, until a funny thing happened. A certain blonde Fashionista took up residence in my head, and started yammering about a book I needed to write. At first, I brushed her off, because of course, the book she wanted written was not horror, but a fluffy paranormal chic-lit piece.

I admit the paranormal part intrigued me, but what did I know about the shiny, magical world of name brands and fashion? Nothing; that’s what. I mean I only carried a purse out of necessity. (Have you ever tried to shove a wallet, Kindle, Ipad, and promotional items in your jean’s pockets? It’s not pretty.)

So, reluctantly, I signed on to write the book. (I knew it would be the only way to shut her up.). And, like magic, Maxie Duncan was born.

As she took shape and became more dimensional, I realized I started seeing the world through her eyes. Fabrics became prettier. Jewelry sparkled more. I started buying more shoes, and not just boots and sneakers, but actual stilettos with bling on them.

Maxie was opening me up to a world I never thought I’d enjoy. The time I spent writing this book became a study in indulgence. I saw how an heiress/wanna-be starlet truly saw the world through her rose-colored glasses. It was a pretty, sparkling, happy place if we let it be, surrounded by the things that make us happy.

It’s been almost a year now since Maxie Duncan has come into my life and I find that the time she spent in my head has changed me. And I think that’s what a good character should do. If they really become a living, breathing person in the writer’s mind, they should have as much effect on their life as a flesh and blood person.

Just as those people tend to rub off on you, a character should too. They should leave a bit of themselves behind, whether you want them to or not.

So maybe I haven’t changed too much, (and who would want to? The amount of characters I write, I’d have a different personality every week) but I notice name brands now, I buy shoes that’ll kill me by the end of the day, I carry a Louis Vuitton bag for work, and I have at least five new purses that are “to die for.”

The best characters are as influential as anybody else in our lives, and that’s okay, it just means we’re doing something right. And maybe I’m not anything close to being a budding Fashionista, but I do see the “pretties” in this world. And it makes me happy. So for that, we all deserve a little Maxie Duncan in our lives.

Bell, Book, and Sandals
Maxie Duncan series, Book 1
By Melissa L. Webb
Sometimes life can be a real witch.

Meet Maxie Duncan. Your average 23-year-old blonde. If you can call being wealthy, gorgeous, and knowing what the future holds at times, average.

After her fiancé blindsides her with a breakup at their favorite restaurant, she leaves Maine for a shot at being Hollywood’s new ‘it girl.’ There’s only one problem. She’s never acted a day in her life.

When a big Hollywood director sends her packing, she realizes if she wants to stay in L.A., she may have to become a normal girl after all. But normal has never been in the cards for her. Strange things keep happening wherever she goes, a red-eyed shadow no one else sees is stalking her, and to top it off, she may be falling in love again, with either the bookish guy next door, or Hollywood’s hottest leading man.

But everything isn’t what it seems. Someone’s keeping secrets from her. Is it her new friends at the apartment building she moved into? Or is it Ryan Everheart, the actor who wants to sweep her off her feet? And why are her feet suddenly floating off the ground?

It’s enough to drive a girl insane. All Maxie wants to do is ride off into the sunset with her one true love and find a killer pair of Manolo Blahniks on the way. But how’s a girl supposed to focus on a love life and shopping when everywhere she turns someone or something is trying to kill her?

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About the Author:

Melissa L. Webb is a writer, dreamer, thinker, and a seeker. She is an avid fan of anything paranormal. She loves to read and won’t be caught dead without some kind of book in her purse. She is also a big fan of horror. She has yet to find any movie or book that will scare her, however, she remains hopeful that one does exists out there.

When she isn’t tutoring students, you’ll find her weaving words in a magical place, between the ocean and the redwoods, called Northern California, and spending time being bossed around by her dog, Buffy.

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4 Responses to Things Our Characters Leave Behind

  1. Zen A. says:

    Your blurb sounds really intriguing. Maxie seems like a character with a lot of infectious charm (and she kinda reminds me of Becky Bloomwood of the Shopaholic series). I may have to check it out someday!

  2. Dale Long says:

    Hey! I drive a Mustang and writer horror too! Sorry. but I don’t think I’ll be writing traditional romancy type stuff anytime in the near future.
    I totally agree, a good character should, absolutely, influence the writer and the reader. Those are the characters that are the most fun to write.
    Good for you being open to trying on new genre’s. That’s the thing I like the most about writing horror (not gorror), is that it incorporates all the genre’s, or in my opinion, it should. Humour, Pathos, romance. It makes the horror of the writing really pop.

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  4. Thanks everyone for your great comments. Hey, Dale! You’re my kind of guy. This book was a step in a different direction for me, but it was a blast to write. I know Maxie will be with me for years to come. Thank you, SJ Clarke, for having me here and letting me share my thoughts with your followers.

    I have a rafflecopter giveaway going right now. I’m giving away 2 signed paperbacks, 3 different ebooks, and a Amazon gift card. You can find a link to enter at any one of my main sites.

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