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Mind Over Matter

A mother faces her worst nightmare when she discovers her missing daughter is scheduled to die in mere days.

For three years Rebecca McKenney has been grieving the loss of her daughter. Now, a vision showing Sabrina three years older, suggests her baby is still alive, and the FBI agent who gave up the search is the only one who can help find her. Rebecca once witnessed a psychic connection between Agent Cooper and her daughter. She only hopes their fragile bond remains-and that the coward has the decency to pursue it.

Special Agent Dan Cooper, haunted by a tragic mistake made early in the investigation, agrees to help Rebecca to ease his conscience, if nothing else. Together they fight inner demons, all too real bad guys, and an attraction neither wants to admit to. Each step closer to finding her daughter unearths wide-spread deception and an evil so vile it threatens to break Rebecca’s spirit. The thought of having her daughter back in her arms is all that keeps her going. Until she learns the horrifying truth – her daughter is scheduled to die in mere days.

Winner: Georgia Romance Writers 2012 Maggie Award of Excellence for Published Authors, Paranormal/Fantasy Romance.

2nd Place, Best First Book  – Published Category, of the 2012 Romance Through The Ages Contest (RTTA)


Finalist: 2012 Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence for Romantic Suspense.




Reader Reaction to Mind Over Matter:

The Romance Review

“If you enjoy reading a story that has you at the edge of your seat trying to figure out who is involved in a cult, this is a story for you. MIND OVER MATTER keeps you guessing who is involved and when you find out, it leaves you speechless…Readers, if you enjoy a romantic suspense that won’t let you down, then don’t wait!” The Romance Reviews

“The moment I started this book I could tell it was going to be good.” Yianna Yiannacou – GoodReads

“Full of engaging characters and an unpredictable plot, Mind Over Matter is an enjoyable read that drew me in from the very first page.” Becky Raymond – GoodReads

“Mind Over Matter is a book filled with cover up, secrets, lies, betrayal, and heartache, but also hope and love.” Sheri – GoodReads

“….the details are released slowly and sparingly until we absolutely need-to-know…” Melanie – GoodReads

“You get bits and pieces here and there, never when you are expecting them, this book keeps you thinking and guessing until the very end…I loved this book, and can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the series.” Jules, Kiki & Jules

Available for purchase: MuseItUp bookstore   Chapters

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